Wine Club

Become an Alchemist today

You choose: Which Wines. We will make a recommended selection 3x/year.

You can always modify our choices so you get the wines you want.

Pick-up or Ship – it’s your choice
Save on all wine purchases
Complimentary Alchemist Dinner at the Vineyard for 2
Invitations to Special events and Parties including our Annual Garden Party
2 K & M Wine Glasses or a K & M shirt
Complimentary admission to open houses
Complimentary tastings for you and 2 guests

KandM Wines - Wine Club


“A sip of good wine is always a good thing – but with friendly conversation, magnificent scenery, superb hosting, and the delight of being well cared for, the experience transforms to sensational.”

— Cindy and Randy, Alchemists



4 bottles 3x per year
(April, July and October)
To save shipping costs: 2 6 bottle shipments if out of state
Save 15% on all wine purchases
12 bottles total / year
Approximately $110 per pickup

Join Our Uno Club


8 bottles 3x per year
(April, July and October)
To save shipping costs: 2 12 bottle shipments if out of state
Save 20% on all wine purchases
24 bottles / year
Approximately $205 per pickup

Join Our Dos Club


12 bottles 3x per year
(April, July and October)
If out of state, may consolidate to two shipments because of hot and cold weather
Save 25% on all wine purchases
36 bottles / year
Approximately $290 per pickup

Additional Benefits: an invitation to our exclusive Tres Party at the Vineyard
Vineyard Tasting and Tour for 4 guests by appointment

Join Our Tres Club

We will select the wines for you 3 times a year. You can always modify the selection to get what you want. If you haven’t picked up within the pickup month, we will charge your card and hold the wines for pickup or ship them to you.