The Vineyard

Our vineyard was planted in 1983 on the South slopes of Parrett Mountain – the vision of Fred & Jill Newton. Ken and Mauro (K & M) purchased the vineyard in 2006 – and have been stewards of the land and Fred & Jill’s vision since. We renamed the vineyard Alchemy Vineyard: meaning transformative change and reflecting the lifestyle change of moving from city to country and the transformation a vineyard and winery project represent.

We are a small 3 acre vineyard, self-rooted and planted with Pommard and Wädenswil clones of Pinot noir and a Dijon clone of Chardonnay. Fred purchased the Pinot noir cuttings from Myron Redford of Amity Vineyards, an Oregon wine pioneer. The vineyard uses the Geneva Double Curtain trellising method. Uncommon in the Willamette Valley but beautiful and unique.

Assisting in the vineyard management are our three miniature sheep: Bert, Ernie and Fuzzy. They are Babydoll or Southdown sheep. Full of personality they have allowed us to cut back on mowing as they eat most weeds, keep the grass mowed and assist with grape sucker removal.

In 2014 we cleared an additional acre and a half of land – which we will plant in early 2015. What was once blackberries and scrubby trees – will soon be planted to vineyard.

The vineyard is open by appointment – and is the setting for our annual Alchemist club dinner.





Light & Elegant Trio

Light and Elegant – a mixed case of our lighter wines!
Perfect wines to jump start your Spring!

Four bottles of three of our lighter, elegant wines:
2015 K & M Quail Run Vineyard Viognier, 2015 K & M Alchemy Vineyard Chardonnay, and 2015 K & M Alchemy Vineyard Pinot noir.

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Shipping Included in Price: $290



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